Beer Goggles

There’s something special about an ageing comedian.   ageing fruit pic – a Creative Commons image shared by There’s something especially special about one called Nigel, who claims to be ‘the only antique that isn’t overpriced.’ And what I really like is that, whilst I’m sitting here wondering how many more of the hairyContinue reading “Beer Goggles”

An Exotic Photo-Shoot at The Tap

  Well, I’m back (again!) Back from an inspection of the loos at The Brewery Tap (plenty of bog roll!). And, I ‘m standing back, standing back with the rest of the punters in the Tap; standing back to make room for the crane that’s been sent in to lift Jason Ventris out of hisContinue reading “An Exotic Photo-Shoot at The Tap”

Pumping it Up with Jason Ventris in Hollywood

Back. I’m back at the Tap; I know what I want, what I really, really want; but I’m not a Spice Girl and I’m not disappointed. I’m all psyched up, pint of mango cider in hand, and I’m really feeling it! (CHECK OUT THIS SPACE FOR COOL PIC OF JAY IN GINGER SPICE GEAR –Continue reading “Pumping it Up with Jason Ventris in Hollywood”