Fresh & Flappy

  Unfamiliar territory. A new venue for the Comedy Club. Fresh. I, Jay Cool, Blogger Extraordinaire, am here. Feeling as young and rejuvenated as ever, I’m dressed to kill. But, somehow, I’ve got it all wrong. The punters are all wearing a uniform of grey-branded-zip-up casuals and shapeless denims – but my legs are living-it-upContinue reading “Fresh & Flappy”

Beer Goggles

There’s something special about an ageing comedian.   ageing fruit pic – a Creative Commons image shared by There’s something especially special about one called Nigel, who claims to be ‘the only antique that isn’t overpriced.’ And what I really like is that, whilst I’m sitting here wondering how many more of the hairyContinue reading “Beer Goggles”

Late Laughter – Going Viral!

Late. No, I haven’t died. And, no, my descendants are not about to change my status on their family trees from ‘living’ and ‘private’ to ‘deceased’ and ‘public’. Unfortunate really, as this might be just the push I need in my bid to go viral. Still, I, ┬áJay Cool, may be a little on theContinue reading “Late Laughter – Going Viral!”