Late Laughter – Going Viral!

Late. No, I haven’t died. And, no, my descendants are not about to change my status on their family trees from ‘living’ and ‘private’ to ‘deceased’ and ‘public’. Unfortunate really, as this might be just the push I need in my bid to go viral. Still, I,  Jay Cool, may be a little on theContinue reading “Late Laughter – Going Viral!”

Peeing for a Miracle at Leestock

The mustard’s hot but the sun is scorching and I need to get back into the protective shade of the Comedy Tent, before the The Monks take to the stage. The beer tent just happens to be en route – it’s almost as conveniently placed as the Portaloos! So I take a quick look at the ciderContinue reading “Peeing for a Miracle at Leestock”