Disclaimer: This post is primarily to share my own poetry, but it does contain an affiliate link to a poetry collection by John Gallaher. If you choose to purchase Gallaher’s book, I will receive a commission at no cost to yourself. ‘What’s it like to be a bat?’ he asks. And then, before I canContinue reading “Batted”

Distant Head

My ex, he had a distant head; and his eyes were near his nose. Like Cyclops, he looked cold and dead So instead – I kissed my toes!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, March 2019 Inspired by the phrases ‘distant head’ and ‘cold and dead’ in ‘Upon the Mountain’s Distant Head’, by William Cullen Bryant.Continue reading “Distant Head”


Inside my outer layer is a little girl, another version of myself, being half-born again and again, never quite making it to the outside – just hesitating, just thinking about it; mulling it over, before … burrowing back in.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, February 2019   Image courtesy of   Inspired byContinue reading “Half-Born”

Swallow and Spit

  If I swallow myself, will I forever preserve all of the books I have read and not read? If the read books go straight through me, will the not-read books be digested slowly? If the words are sifted and sorted into the ordered files of my inner being, can they be mixed up; mixedContinue reading “Swallow and Spit”

Doldrum Blue

‘Butterfly Blue’ image by Stergo ( As doldrum blue adorns the sky Frost, the poet, tattoos my thigh His butterfly, I try to shoo It’s ice-cold burn bites me right through It’s not my thing to have the sky Complete with bugs upon my thigh I try to say I love it not But doesContinue reading “Doldrum Blue”

Me is More

  ‘Prairie Dog’ courtesy of If my lover loved me fully Wore my poems in her hair I would play for her a love song I know she wouldn’t care My flat notes would be tuneful The twanging strings so cool She’d look at me as in a dream N’er take me for aContinue reading “Me is More”

Thought Buds

Is a thought that comes from a line of thought written by another poet, a thought at all that can be called a thought of my own, or is it simply a thread pulled from a coat of other people’s multicoloured thoughts? Is it a frayed thread, a thread that is really a twig sproutingContinue reading “Thought Buds”

Goddessed into 2019

Reluctant bridge crawls across from December into January failing to tip me off as the tips of my fingers reach     out    and   hold                 on s t r e t c h e d whole wholly reluctant full of holes and unretractable. Not forContinue reading “Goddessed into 2019”

Brushed Up

‘Sunflower’ courtesy of A sunflower life reaching up to the highest point before falling back down again and being painted back up to balance of the tips of a brush.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspired by ‘Death to Paint Us’, by J. Michael Martinez.


‘Hand’ image courtesy of Let me go to the window Where the rainfall sloshes from joint Of broken pipe Down eggshell-cracked rendering Of outer wall Let me feel a little life Where my teardrops slip-slide from whites Of bloodshot sight Down eggshell-cracked rendering Of outer skin Give me a lover O you gods thatContinue reading “Eggshell”