Blood-Tipped: A Savvy Poem

    High forehead, raised eyebrow and eyes d r i l l i n g into the soul of the viewer; intelligent,  curious – perceptive, even? But smudge-tipped nose and smoky knuckles, reveal the barriers within – foggy knots blocking coherent thoughts, foggy knots struggling to hold together the blood-tipped soul of the sitter.Continue reading “Blood-Tipped: A Savvy Poem”

Mum of the Moment

‘Leafy scarf of Rust-Brown Silk’ by Jay Cool Grey-coated with leafy scarf of rust-brown silk and brooch of oyster pearls framing dark-brown curls, cycling over concrete of autumns gone. I see her. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2018

Down The Lane

As luscious-lime hedgerows turn jaunty ginger and smooth-slick skin turns furrowed and fusty, you remain true. Still there. My trusty friend; the comforting memory of a waft-warm drink. Still there. Trusty. A trusty friend very thoughtfully placed. Knowing that that my friend knows me, I smirk; a joke shared. Throat parched, I wait for jauntyContinue reading “Down The Lane”

Me is More

  ‘Prairie Dog’ courtesy of If my lover loved me fully Wore my poems in her hair I would play for her a love song I know she wouldn’t care My flat notes would be tuneful The twanging strings so cool She’d look at me as in a dream N’er take me for aContinue reading “Me is More”

Goddessed into 2019

Reluctant bridge crawls across from December into January failing to tip me off as the tips of my fingers reach     out    and   hold                 on s t r e t c h e d whole wholly reluctant full of holes and unretractable. Not forContinue reading “Goddessed into 2019”


Image courtesy of At night, I dive into whirlpools, slip-sliding and twizzling round and down, round and down, on pillow-seat into the depths and the coils of my mattress springs. At night, I spring into life, into my real existence, into my mortal world. If my mother were to meet me here, would sheContinue reading “Existence”


‘Glass’ image courtesy of Look into me and rejoice! I am like nothing you have ever fathomed – as sharp as a slosh of vodka, infused with a wonky frown. And there, from my core, gaze the bubbles of fizz; eyeballs that squint through the haze, as they hey-nonny-nonny out the depths of myContinue reading “Unfathomable”


Flat roofed garages, expanding up, over and beyond; consuming abandoned cars and tarmacked roads; foundations dug deep, where roots should burrow. Vast seas of greyness, housing nothing of use; no householder steps over concrete slabs of pavements; rivers dividing breath from the abandoned depths of simple storage solutions. Godly hand reaches down from blue skyContinue reading “Plucked”


‘Books’ image courtesy of You need to start thinking, my good husband said. You must make a plan; you must think ahead! All of those books that you know you possess The kids will not want them – they’ll just make a mess! I realise he’s right, and I do start to think. HowContinue reading “Audacious”

Love Thyself

{Inspired by my ancestor William Wycherley’s lust for women of all varieties: ‘For Variety in Love’.} ‘Telephone Pole’ image from (creative commons) To myself, I am devoted still, I’ll n’er grow bored, or have my fill, ’tis true that in my heart am I, Stuck thick as thieves to my great thigh! My thigh, it’sContinue reading “Love Thyself”