So Not Savvy Poem – Stuck

Stuck, tucked in, and cornered, by tree, Prosecco and book. Stuck, booked-in, and staying.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 26th December 2019   Silly Style – Christmas with Kate & Stacey Silly Boris Romps to Power Silly Writing Tip – How to be an Anomalous Vitruvian …  

A Something Poem – Find Me

Within these walls, find me, papered over with books. The walls of my life paper over me, lifting up my lining, and my lines, with pulp of mashed-up fiction, mostly read. And truths, mostly unread. More of all of it unread than read. Probably. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 14th October, 2019 Image by Free-PhotosContinue reading “A Something Poem – Find Me”

Savvy Book – The Marble Collector

Everyone needs an ally during the dark times. And Fergus, the central character in Cecilia Ahern’s ‘The Marble Collector’, has a whole collection of them. Shut up in a prison on a par with  Roald Dahl’s Chokey cupboard, by a malevolent schoolteacher, the young Fergus escapes reality by turning what might otherwise have been a passing interest, or sideline,Continue reading “Savvy Book – The Marble Collector”

Today: A Poem Inspired by Matt Haig

Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase, via the link to Amazon, the book associated with this poem, I will receive a commission – at no cost to yourself. Today. Today, as I await my special breakfast, my special for-being-a-mother breakfast, I will read all of the books I bought yesterday – well, perhaps just oneContinue reading “Today: A Poem Inspired by Matt Haig”


Be mindful. Be in the moment. Live only in the present and  present yourself to the world. I present myself: a wonky mouth, a turned-in knee, a painful toe and a few grey hairs and I like it. And the books that surround me, piled up on desks, in tubs and in corners like whatContinue reading “Minpreself”


‘Books’ image courtesy of You need to start thinking, my good husband said. You must make a plan; you must think ahead! All of those books that you know you possess The kids will not want them – they’ll just make a mess! I realise he’s right, and I do start to think. HowContinue reading “Audacious”


Silent drones. perched, contemplative, canopied – a missed bus. A long stop stay … Book? Friendly face, bulging bags, an old man’s shopping, for his dog. No, not his, his daughter’s dog – a D-Dog. A D-Dog foisted upon him, a reluctant dog-sitter. A daughter’s assumption. An exploited man. Grandad? No. Just a dog-dad. AContinue reading “Dogged”