Savvy Article – The Resistance

Written in  response to How to Navigate a Midlife Career Transition: One Day at a Time. As we approach fifty, or accelerate past it, we represent a resistance to ‘change’ movement in the workplace. The reality is that we have had plenty of years in which to witness the same so-called ‘changes’ having been tried outContinue reading “Savvy Article – The Resistance”

Today: A Poem Inspired by Matt Haig

Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase, via the link to Amazon, the book associated with this poem, I will receive a commission – at no cost to yourself. Today. Today, as I await my special breakfast, my special for-being-a-mother breakfast, I will read all of the books I bought yesterday – well, perhaps just oneContinue reading “Today: A Poem Inspired by Matt Haig”

Not Working: Book Review

*Disclosure:  I only review books that I have selected for my own enjoyment, and the views expressed are, therefore, even if a little batty, completely genuine. You need to be aware, though, that this review has an affiliate link, meaning that if you click through to Amazon, via the book’s image, and choose to makeContinue reading “Not Working: Book Review”


  Words fall, sticking fast to my feet – pieces of double-sided stickiness. I try to pull them off, tugging at them. Fingers, sticking to words, sticking to my feet. No way of sorting, assembling or synthesising the words into sentences or any semblance of sense, or senselessness; and seeing the futility, feeling sensible andContinue reading “Futility”

The Burnout

‘Plasticine’ image courtesy of I pull plasticine out of my ears. On and on and on it comes, seeming to have no end to it. It’s coming out so fast, I don’t know what to do with it, how to manage it, so I wrap it around myself – until my body, like myContinue reading “The Burnout”


When my sanity shattered, and my soul gave up, I stood there and stared at the stars. A faraway fragment, a shard of my mind, did sparkle and shine, quite dazzling and fine. I watched it take form, as its eyeballs danced; saw it open its mouth and take up its stance. It captured andContinue reading “Macrophage”

House on the Hill

House on the hill stands three storeys proud, aloof and haughty, ignoring its lowly neighbours of two storeys, and pretending that its three storey copies are just shadows of itself, lurking, awaiting an invitation into existence – an invitation that is no more than mere fantasy. House on the hill is aware that it, too,Continue reading “House on the Hill”