Dippy Bit

  I slice the top off my soft-boiled breakfast egg and watch as the little crackly bits start to cave in. But its a start-stop moment.  Most of the cracklies find themselves held back by a sticky membrane. Have the cracklies been saved from a great fall into a disaster zone, or have they been…


When my sanity shattered, and my soul gave up, I stood there and stared at the stars. A faraway fragment, a shard of my mind, did sparkle and shine, quite dazzling and fine. I watched it take form, as its eyeballs danced; saw it open its mouth and take up its stance. It captured and…


‘Egg’ courtesy of Pixabay.com Yoked by a runny egg at its core a lost eye a beak blunted by your desire for happiness. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspired by Ada Limon’s poem, ‘Publicity’.  

Sun-Fuelled on the A134

{Egged on by the rising sun, as I confronted the usual early-morning drive to work, on the A134, I felt the compulsion to capture my thoughts in words. Unfortunately, time and the expectations of others, did not allow me to stop by the roadside to take a photograph, or put pen to paper. But, the…

Table 24

  Stencilled on flowers. And a silver spoon. Scooping up the yolk from a golden flower. I feel the sun in my gullet, pick up my pencil and write. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2018

Golden Eggs

    Eggs sizzling in the rivers of fat from the bacon, sausages and black pudding of others   As they pile on the pounds that threaten to consume them, to suck them into their own    vortex, their own centre of gravity, the iris of the self.   A black dot contracting and expanding….