Sonetto: A Savvy Poem

[Composed whilst intoxicated by sonnets in ‘Stressed Unstressed:Classic Poems to Ease the Mind’, ed. by Jonathan Bates et. al. (Harper Collins, 2016).] Small song; a sonetto of fourteen lines to cure the soul. Fourteen chances to clear the brain of summer gone and humour. Summer song. Stresses undone, drifting out – red, brown and yellowContinue reading “Sonetto: A Savvy Poem”

Sun-Fuelled on the A134

{Egged on by the rising sun, as I confronted the usual early-morning drive to work, on the A134, I felt the compulsion to capture my thoughts in words. Unfortunately, time and the expectations of others, did not allow me to stop by the roadside to take a photograph, or put pen to paper. But, theContinue reading “Sun-Fuelled on the A134”