Savvy Article – The Resistance

Written in  response to How to Navigate a Midlife Career Transition: One Day at a Time.

As we approach fifty, or accelerate past it, we represent a resistance to ‘change’ movement in the workplace.

The reality is that we have had plenty of years in which to witness the same so-called ‘changes’ having been tried out over and over again, each time with a new label to dress the change up as something new and different, rather than something previously tested and failed.

This been-there-done-it-before knowledge, is intimidating our younger superiors who want to push through their changes without having to deal with ageing cynics! The best tactic, as they see it, is to band around the term burnout by tagging it to a dart and taking aim!


At this point, in one’s career (i.e. the end of it!), it’s time for the eye of the bull/cow (or cow/bull) to go all Popeye on the shooter, i.e. to get out, get up and be one’s own centre of attention!


Personally, I’m going to c**p out all of the books that I’ve had in my head for 49 years.

Youngsters, move aside! Jay Cool is here!


It’s time to let rip!



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