mortality-401222_1920Be mindful. Be in the moment. Live only in the present and 

present yourself to the world.

I present myself:

a wonky mouth, a turned-in knee, a painful toe and a few grey hairs

and I like it.

And the books that surround me, piled up on desks, in tubs and in corners like what they see. They like it that one day, not in the present, but in the unknown future; one day, a lone grey hair will mark a present of pages read and pages still to be

consumed. Ideas extracted, words underlined as read; words of the past to be lifted into the present – at some future date.

And, being a being who is present, I hug the past, and embrace the future of myself: words stolen, rehashed and republished; words that make the story that is myself.

Myself in the present, presented and to be presented, is myself liked.



Copyright owned and presented by myself, Jay Cool, March 2019

‘Mortality’ image courtesy of Pixabay.com

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