Be mindful. Be in the moment. Live only in the present and  present yourself to the world. I present myself: a wonky mouth, a turned-in knee, a painful toe and a few grey hairs and I like it. And the books that surround me, piled up on desks, in tubs and in corners like whatContinue reading “Minpreself”


Image courtesy of Pixabay.com At night, I dive into whirlpools, slip-sliding and twizzling round and down, round and down, on pillow-seat into the depths and the coils of my mattress springs. At night, I spring into life, into my real existence, into my mortal world. If my mother were to meet me here, would sheContinue reading “Existence”


Expiration is not my desire. ‘Autumn Tree’ by Jay Cool To don an orange wig is not to wear a portent, or to be tree laden with oranges midst autumn leaves of speckled brown, muted tan or luminous yellow; a sign of the seasons, confused, muddled and merging into one. For years and years, IContinue reading “Expiration”


‘Books’ image courtesy of Pixabay.com You need to start thinking, my good husband said. You must make a plan; you must think ahead! All of those books that you know you possess The kids will not want them – they’ll just make a mess! I realise he’s right, and I do start to think. HowContinue reading “Audacious”