Eating Pies: Book Reviews

*Disclosure:  I only review books that I have selected for my own enjoyment, and the views expressed are, therefore, even if a little batty, completely genuine. You need to be aware, though, that this review has an affiliate link, meaning that if you click through to Amazon, via the book’s image, and choose to makeContinue reading “Eating Pies: Book Reviews”


Sweat clams up my facial pores, drowning my being in a deluge of fast-playing age, like a sweaty-sibling’s palm, it taunts me, blocks my immediate vision and blurs out the splayed-out fingers on its periphery. Its a winter midnight but, even so, I fling off my summer-togged duvet, and sit up – abruptly; willing myContinue reading “Exposure”


Expiration is not my desire. ‘Autumn Tree’ by Jay Cool To don an orange wig is not to wear a portent, or to be tree laden with oranges midst autumn leaves of speckled brown, muted tan or luminous yellow; a sign of the seasons, confused, muddled and merging into one. For years and years, IContinue reading “Expiration”


Composed whilst partaking of a recovery pot of tea in a Prado Lounge Café Bar. Banish the thoughts of others thinking. The only thoughts that matter are your own. Thoughts – for the taking. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2018

Gainsborough’s Market

I catch a glimpse of Gainsborough’s knee. Brush and palette above it stand floating. Protruding. A man at war, with gun to kill – half-cocked – not ready. He hesitates a while – allows other men to do the job in hand. He watches, thinks, but feels unable to run. Feet frozen, tailcoat stuck. Committed.Continue reading “Gainsborough’s Market”

Tet celebrations in Salop?

Tet. A time for celebration. A time to remember, to reflect, and to share. A time when the living is kidnapped – by a Sandero! A time when Jay Cool, with no alternative, grabs a notepad and a Motorola, and makes the most of an unfortunate situation. Time for a Salopian ‘poet’s poet’ to makeContinue reading “Tet celebrations in Salop?”