Wild Thing

Do I have to be a something to be a something to be remembered? Will the world carry on ahead, with all the somebodies who have been something? Is that something? Am I something? Is it something just to be me? Wild. Wild in a wilderness of somebodies. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019Continue reading “Wild Thing”


Composed whilst partaking of a recovery pot of tea in a Prado Lounge Café Bar. Banish the thoughts of others thinking. The only thoughts that matter are your own. Thoughts – for the taking. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2018

Lonely Hand

‘Hands Folded Woman’ image from Pixabay.com (Creative Commons) Lovers’ hands still holding on, gripped, suckered, stuck like the suckers on windows of wooden toy-shop arrows bought, aimed, fired, landed, then pulled off, popped off; all leftover traces of once-was washed off without regard by a sloppy window cleaner. And a note shared through a door;Continue reading “Lonely Hand”

Tet celebrations in Salop?

Tet. A time for celebration. A time to remember, to reflect, and to share. A time when the living is kidnapped – by a Sandero! A time when Jay Cool, with no alternative, grabs a notepad and a Motorola, and makes the most of an unfortunate situation. Time for a Salopian ‘poet’s poet’ to makeContinue reading “Tet celebrations in Salop?”

Hot Heather

Purple. A girl named Heather. A fine lady, dressed in purple silk, skirts stretched over the wire frame of a lampshade. A fit lady, lit from within. Fit for one’s bottom, and fit for display, but not fit for its purpose. The fine-fit lady, wired up and lit up, is hot. Hot, she bursts intoContinue reading “Hot Heather”