Magnificence: A Savvy Poem

  I colour my life up in orange,          MAGNIFICENCE! shades of mangoes and marigolds, to make me feel like there is more of me, and that the more of me shines more and more, like the red-orange river of gold that ran away from me, chased away by the mocking moronsContinue reading “Magnificence: A Savvy Poem”

Gum: A Silly Poem

Gum. Mounting up in my upside-down world. A pile of sticky mass threatening to consume me, crowding me out of my hiding place. Time to leave, to re-emerge into learning. Too late. It drags me in by a single strand of my hair. Eyelids unable to open, cheekbones redefined, ears silent. Sir’s voice; my learning;Continue reading “Gum: A Silly Poem”

Hot Heather

Purple. A girl named Heather. A fine lady, dressed in purple silk, skirts stretched over the wire frame of a lampshade. A fit lady, lit from within. Fit for one’s bottom, and fit for display, but not fit for its purpose. The fine-fit lady, wired up and lit up, is hot. Hot, she bursts intoContinue reading “Hot Heather”