Gum: A Silly Poem

Gum. Mounting up in my upside-down world. A pile of sticky mass threatening to consume me, crowding me out of my hiding place. Time to leave, to re-emerge into learning. Too late. It drags me in by a single strand of my hair. Eyelids unable to open, cheekbones redefined, ears silent. Sir’s voice; my learning;Continue reading “Gum: A Silly Poem”

Attentive Attentiveness

A memoir from my schooldays ….   Whilst I look at you, paying attention, you think, really I am elsewhere, paying attention, and I don’t think. I don’t think of the knowledge you think you are sharing with me, but I do think, and with thinking, I pay attention to the fact that my kneesContinue reading “Attentive Attentiveness”