Savvy Poem – Old Towns Cry

Towns. New towns. Telford. A new town crushing the old. Dawley? Madeley? Both gone. The people? New. Brought fresh in. Fresh in from London. Fresh in, complete with new blood, still to be spilled over. Spilt blood in Shropshire’s fertile fields. Fresh growth. Potentially.   Instead, yellow bricks and concrete slabs, stained blood-red pink withContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Old Towns Cry”

Silly Story – Meatup?

Meetup. There was something about the word that drew me in. Or, rather, something that drew my tongue out. Meetup. “Eat up!” my grandmother used to say. “Come on, eat up! I made it especially for you – it’s your favourite!” But I didn’t eat up. Instead, I put my feet up, up and ontoContinue reading “Silly Story – Meatup?”

Day 7.2: Newport – She Who Never Grew Up!

Disclaimer: If you click through to Amazon and choose thereof to make a purchase of any recommended books, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to yourself (surely that’s an incentive?). End up at a pub and start up at a pub. This policy is a favourite of mine and has always workedContinue reading “Day 7.2: Newport – She Who Never Grew Up!”

Attentive Attentiveness

A memoir from my schooldays ….   Whilst I look at you, paying attention, you think, really I am elsewhere, paying attention, and I don’t think. I don’t think of the knowledge you think you are sharing with me, but I do think, and with thinking, I pay attention to the fact that my kneesContinue reading “Attentive Attentiveness”

Mum of the Moment

‘Leafy scarf of Rust-Brown Silk’ by Jay Cool Grey-coated with leafy scarf of rust-brown silk and brooch of oyster pearls framing dark-brown curls, cycling over concrete of autumns gone. I see her. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2018

Lilies of the Valley

I’ll find you both in the valley of lilies, wafting away the smell of mothballs from your clothes. My country grandmother, sunning yourself on the rim of your best Sunday hat, taking a well-earned rest from your garden of vegetables and honey. My city grandmother, swinging yourself from the handle of your trolley-bag, so illContinue reading “Lilies of the Valley”

Salt Waves

‘East Hill, Sudbury’ by Jay Cool [Inspired by a walk up East Hill, in inland Sudbury, after partaking of an excellent brew in Prado Lounge.] Dirty docks, seagulls and chips, fishing nets, trawlers and tankers, drunken sailors and fishermen leering and lurching at ladies, whilst lurking in bars with their pints. Beaches of pebbles, jarringContinue reading “Salt Waves”

Cottages in the Myddle

Inspired by a trip to Myddle, home to my paternal ancestors. Composed, accompanied by a pot of tea, in a Prado Lounge Café Bar. ‘Cottages in Myddle’, photographed by Jay Cool Neglected cottages. A terrace of three, hidden from road’s view by guarded bushes. Avoiding camera’s view. My mind travels in between brickwork cracked andContinue reading “Cottages in the Myddle”

Falling Backwards

  Felixstowe, Suffolk No. Not in this car. Not in an 1100cc Ford Escort. It’s not a hill we’ll ever make our way up to the front. Us kids in the back – we’ll fall back down, slip backwards – disjointed. Whilst our parents; our mother, and our father at the wheel carry on upContinue reading “Falling Backwards”