Savvy Poem – Old Towns Cry

Towns. New towns. Telford. A new town crushing the old. Dawley? Madeley? Both gone. The people? New. Brought fresh in. Fresh in from London. Fresh in, complete with new blood, still to be spilled over. Spilt blood in Shropshire’s fertile fields. Fresh growth. Potentially.   Instead, yellow bricks and concrete slabs, stained blood-red pink withContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Old Towns Cry”


Ibuprofen. Take it. That’ll do it. But … Take it. I take it. Needles. Curved and hooked, curl themselves around my gums and up. Up, up, up and into my cheekbones, pricking the rings of my eyes. It doesn’t do it. Fill it. Take out the old. And fill it with new. Fill it. That’llContinue reading “Decapitated”


Deprived of roots, she lets her hair loose, shakes it down over roofs and doorways to other people’s mocked-up hovels. Homes without foundations, plastic walls floating – on clogged-up clay. Chalked-up purples and felt-tipped reds clamour for a hold, reaching up to tug down on strands of twisted cells – on tangled death – wanting,Continue reading “Rooted”