The Man That is Me

The Man That Is Me Double-crumpled into U-bend,I find the man that was me,still is me – and with boots, rope and crampons –as keen as ever,I pull me up my neck and spine, finding my growing knobbles and sinking crevices peakingand troughing – perfectly purposed! Passing over the plateau of myself, I plant aContinue reading “The Man That is Me”


Ibuprofen. Take it. That’ll do it. But … Take it. I take it. Needles. Curved and hooked, curl themselves around my gums and up. Up, up, up and into my cheekbones, pricking the rings of my eyes. It doesn’t do it. Fill it. Take out the old. And fill it with new. Fill it. That’llContinue reading “Decapitated”