Market Moments

Inspired by view from a Prado Lounge Café Bar. A great-white van blocks me from trying to see beyond to market stalls; tent tops – pink, green and humbug – flutter out and up. Kites restrained. A great-hairy man, tattooed, from white van – steps out, phone in hand, checking for messages. A lover’s words?Continue reading “Market Moments”


Inspired by an upside-down painting in Prado Lounge Café Bar (see image – artist unknown). Upside-down, a dish mop hangs Throttled, death-like by longing pangs. Waitress, I ask, how can this be? A weary waiter, he wanted free. The tips he sought, they could not be! We tipped him up, and shook him down. Hence,Continue reading “Tipped”

Boston Beans Brunch at Prado

‘Lost at Prado’ Inspired by brunch at Prado Lounge Café Bar . Egg yolk bursts forth. Happy vibes for ailing poets. Smoky beans begging to be seen. Skins spiced up to tingle tired has-beens. Mini-browns, promoted hash, bunched in old-tin cup, begging to be free – to be dipped in sauce – to be liftedContinue reading “Boston Beans Brunch at Prado”

Cottages in the Myddle

Inspired by a trip to Myddle, home to my paternal ancestors. Composed, accompanied by a pot of tea, in a Prado Lounge Café Bar. ‘Cottages in Myddle’, photographed by Jay Cool Neglected cottages. A terrace of three, hidden from road’s view by guarded bushes. Avoiding camera’s view. My mind travels in between brickwork cracked andContinue reading “Cottages in the Myddle”

Portrait in Middle Age

Inspired by portrait of a middle-aged gentleman, on display in a Prado Lounge Café Bar (artist’s name unknown by poet!). Portrait in Prado Lounge Café Bar, Suffolk (artist unknown) Sons born. Some gone. Dead. Daughters birthed, raised up, married, survived – or died in childbirth. Wife disillusioned, tired, but – still living. Job done. TimeContinue reading “Portrait in Middle Age”

Protocol Prison

Inspired by a portrait on display at a Prado Lounge Café Bar. Portrait in Prado Lounge Café Bar (artist unknown to author) Marbled fingers, pen in hand, barely gripped – just placed to sign. With inkless nib. Hands not his own – dummy’s hands, Top Shop hands. Wrists detached, concealed by golden-wrist watch. Arms thatContinue reading “Protocol Prison”