Savvy Poem – Ash Portrait

Inspiration borrowed from ‘The Oval Portrait’, a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. I sit and, whilst sitting here, ripe, if not ready, for the coppicing, the length of the brush offers sparse protection against the swoop of desire.   Later, during the sweeping, I will swipe myself back into the pith of the Ash.Continue reading “Savvy Poem – Ash Portrait”

Google Photograph

‘Sitting at a laptop creates an image that I carry back.’ (Jay Cool) A neck with a thousand folds. A bump harboured by an anxious nose. A line, puckered into peaks and troughs, of 48 years near gone. A thought. It is not me. Just an image. An image of another me in another time.Continue reading “Google Photograph”

Christmas Meltdown

‘Sleepy Sitter’ by Jay Cool How ’tis to be – by soft brush swiped with chocolate shades of Christmas; to feel one’s cheeks, once so milk-white, wiped out – by melted orange? Copyright owned by Jay Cool, December 2018 Inspired by the poem ‘False but Beautiful’ by John Rolin Ridge.


Inspired by an upside-down painting in Prado Lounge Café Bar (see image – artist unknown). Upside-down, a dish mop hangs Throttled, death-like by longing pangs. Waitress, I ask, how can this be? A weary waiter, he wanted free. The tips he sought, they could not be! We tipped him up, and shook him down. Hence,Continue reading “Tipped”

Portrait in Middle Age

Inspired by portrait of a middle-aged gentleman, on display in a Prado Lounge Café Bar (artist’s name unknown by poet!). Portrait in Prado Lounge Café Bar, Suffolk (artist unknown) Sons born. Some gone. Dead. Daughters birthed, raised up, married, survived – or died in childbirth. Wife disillusioned, tired, but – still living. Job done. TimeContinue reading “Portrait in Middle Age”

Protocol Prison

Inspired by a portrait on display at a Prado Lounge Café Bar. Portrait in Prado Lounge Café Bar (artist unknown to author) Marbled fingers, pen in hand, barely gripped – just placed to sign. With inkless nib. Hands not his own – dummy’s hands, Top Shop hands. Wrists detached, concealed by golden-wrist watch. Arms thatContinue reading “Protocol Prison”

Portrait of an Ageing Gentleman in Brown

Inspired by a portrait on display in a Prado Lounge Café Bar. Portrait of ‘Ageing Gentleman’ in Prado Lounge Café Bar  (artist’s name unknown to poet) Tufted up. White-winged scalp taking off. Immortalised. Chest puffed up, brown waist-coated and jacketed. Fingers clutching – perched birds claws, holding on before the shedding of the bulk, theContinue reading “Portrait of an Ageing Gentleman in Brown”

Portrait of a Redhead in Blue

(Inspired by a portrait on display at ‘Prada Lounge Café Bar, Sudbury.)  Red on white. Orange-red perched on porcelain-white skin. Smooth-ceramic ice. Skin sloping down shoulders to deep blue. Translucent taffeta, wrapped around, hugging, enclosing. Bony elbows made soft. Melted, merged into blue paint. Watery colours, dark oceans, waves enveloping a cold, empty portrait. Head,Continue reading “Portrait of a Redhead in Blue”