Savvy Article – Womenostop

Pause. Just pause for a moment – either mid-sentence, or mid-life, and consider this question. Why is the beast that brings upon womankind symptoms such as: hot flushes, extreme anxiety, over-thinking and short-term forgetfulness labelled the menopause? It’s got nothing to do with ‘men’, or with ‘pauses’, other than that it gives ‘men’ an excuseContinue reading “Savvy Article – Womenostop”

Savvy Book – The List of My Desires

A beautiful book, authored by Gregoire Delacourt, and designed to make me view the mass of buttons scattered all over my Sprog’s bedroom carpet, in a different, ever-so-slightly-more-positive light! Jocelyne, the main character in ‘The List of My Desires’, makes a meagre living running her own haberdashery shop and blogging about the odds and ends thatContinue reading “Savvy Book – The List of My Desires”

23: Dancer

Read you (i.e. I read the post Read me? by the author of ‘Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50′)! Read all the first half, then skimmed the rest, as the thought of some tulips I spotted on the school run is luring me outside. Sitting here on my laptop watching the sunshine fading away isContinue reading “23: Dancer”

Under No Circumstances

Under no circumstances must I: sing, fart, dance, or wear double-denim. And I should not – ever! Look like an old lady having a mid-life crisis!   I take this on board – it’s sound advice, so I change my act, because there’s nothing wrong, I think, with looking like a middle-aged lady, and beingContinue reading “Under No Circumstances”

All Three of Me

Time is limited.  There isn’t much left of it, he said. Why then, at forty-nine has my life as myself only just started? And will the first year of my new beginning last until the end of time? Or, in the stretching, will it thin out – in the middle – with neither of theContinue reading “All Three of Me”

Tape With A Heart

Turns out that to be approaching fifty is to be backtracking to forty, taking a look at the unpaid-for mortgage, and trying to fast-forward to sixty, before being trapped somewhere in the                                                Continue reading “Tape With A Heart”

Is this the time?

Is this the time? I ask myself. Is this the time to write my part? Am I too late to make my mark, to give up work and make a start? And, if I choose to make that start, will I finish before I part? Is there a time? I ask myself. A time toContinue reading “Is this the time?”

Google Photograph

‘Sitting at a laptop creates an image that I carry back.’ (Jay Cool) A neck with a thousand folds. A bump harboured by an anxious nose. A line, puckered into peaks and troughs, of 48 years near gone. A thought. It is not me. Just an image. An image of another me in another time.Continue reading “Google Photograph”

Savvy Poem – Outsourced

‘House’, So strange that from my womb you birthed before you ran into the womb of friends – cushioned up by their company, as you return to your once-was home – fleeted and flitting. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspired by ‘Pieta’ by Rainer Maria Rilke

Silly Poem – A Lie-In

{Written after a reading of William Wordsworth’s ‘A Slumber did my spirit steal’.} A image (creative commons) A lie-in did my daughter steal; my goodwill then did vanish. She seemed to me a rum-old deal – her mess I had to manage! No conscience had she then, of course; she slept on through to lunch.Continue reading “Silly Poem – A Lie-In”