Savvy Style – On The Flat

If your employer insists upon you wearing high heels, … look for another job! Or, better still, go self-employed. There’s nothing as blissful as donning flats, day in and day out! And if, like me, you once aspired to be a ballerina – and now have arthritis, gout and everything else that could go wrong withContinue reading “Savvy Style – On The Flat”

23: Dancer

Read you (i.e. I read the post Read me? by the author of ‘Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50′)! Read all the first half, then skimmed the rest, as the thought of some tulips I spotted on the school run is luring me outside. Sitting here on my laptop watching the sunshine fading away isContinue reading “23: Dancer”

Fancy Footwork

Closure. BMW Bike – a Creative Commons image from Don Mackie‘s going for it full throttle – he’s replaced his tricycle with a motorcycle and he’s revving up the audience at The Tap, whilst I … I, Jay Cool, the one and only once-was-ginger Blogger Extraordinaire, am … … very busy eyeing up theContinue reading “Fancy Footwork”