Savvy Style – On The Flat

If your employer insists upon you wearing¬†high heels, … look for another job! Or, better still, go self-employed. There’s nothing as blissful as donning flats, day in and day out! And if, like me, you once aspired to be a ballerina – and now have arthritis, gout and everything else that could go wrong withContinue reading “Savvy Style – On The Flat”

Enough As I Am

Inspired by the wise words of Meghan, The Duchess of Suffolk:¬†‘You are enough just as you are.’ The Royal Foot of Jay Cool, a Salopian, stepping out for a stroll in her Suffolk residence. You are enough, said my foot. You are appreciated for your fine taste in dressing me up in such beautiful royalContinue reading “Enough As I Am”