Enough As I Am

Inspired by the wise words of Meghan, The Duchess of Suffolk: ‘You are enough just as you are.’ The Royal Foot of Jay Cool, a Salopian, stepping out for a stroll in her Suffolk residence. You are enough, said my foot. You are appreciated for your fine taste in dressing me up in such beautiful royalContinue reading “Enough As I Am”

Angel of the North at Leestock?

Neil Barber, aliases Prince Harry & Kenny Everett Blunt scissors and flat notes. Turns out our Neil Barber, like his doppelganger Prince Harry, is not so sharp after all. “You got the brains; I get the celebrity!” (image labelled as Creative Commons Licensed from  http://www.theurbangent.com/2011/04/prince-william-of-wales.html)   Barber’s notes are so flat that he hates musiciansContinue reading “Angel of the North at Leestock?”