Enough As I Am

Inspired by the wise words of Meghan, The Duchess of Suffolk: ‘You are enough just as you are.’ The Royal Foot of Jay Cool, a Salopian, stepping out for a stroll in her Suffolk residence. You are enough, said my foot. You are appreciated for your fine taste in dressing me up in such beautiful royalContinue reading “Enough As I Am”

On Wenlock Edge

Photography by Jay Cool On Wenlock Edge, Jay Cool’s in trouble. With frizzed-up fringe, the Wrekin heaves; The gale, it plies her old bones double, And sick of Severn breeze, she leaves. ‘Twould blow like this through holt and hanger. When Uricon the city stood. The Roman farts, expressing anger, At Jay Cool’s claim toContinue reading “On Wenlock Edge”