Here’s Boris! – Silly-Savvy Art

Gouache and collage, on 50 X 40 inch canvas board, painted in response to public queries regarding the whereabouts of Boris. See link to┬áThe Express article, ‘Where’s Boris?’ After a thorough search of the country – permission granted by Dominic Cummings ( i.e. one has to act upon instinct when in fear for the welfareContinue reading “Here’s Boris! – Silly-Savvy Art”

‘The Mogg Conga’: Silly-Savvy Art

A piece inspired by the idiocy of Jacob Rees-Mogg, when he insisted MPs travel from far and wide, to vote at the House of Commons – in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic! As the lesser mortals queue to vote, Rees-Mogg peers down at them, sharing out the virus to promote the Tory version ofContinue reading “‘The Mogg Conga’: Silly-Savvy Art”

Silly Book – Fairy Tales for Millennials

‘Fairy Tales for Millennials’, by Bruno Vincent. A highly-entertaining read bringing the traditional up to date with the 21st century. The witch who attempts to cook up Gretel has use of an electric blender and a thing about turmeric powder. Cinderella wants to feel in touch with the suffering of the oppressed and, as such,Continue reading “Silly Book – Fairy Tales for Millennials”

Obliteration: An Elegy

  Barely literate, and not rated, Trump lit his own fuse, turned red, and reiterated his desire to obliterate a whole country.   Being rational, and not rationed, the ralliers lit several fuses, turned to face the blighter, and reiterated a shared desire┬áto obliterate the whole of the irrational.   And they did so –Continue reading “Obliteration: An Elegy”

On Wenlock Edge

Photography by Jay Cool On Wenlock Edge, Jay Cool’s in trouble. With frizzed-up fringe, the Wrekin heaves; The gale, it plies her old bones double, And sick of Severn breeze, she leaves. ‘Twould blow like this through holt and hanger. When Uricon the city stood. The Roman farts, expressing anger, At Jay Cool’s claim toContinue reading “On Wenlock Edge”