Here’s Boris! – Silly-Savvy Art

Gouache and collage, on 50 X 40 inch canvas board, painted in response to public queries regarding the whereabouts of Boris. See link to The Express article, ‘Where’s Boris?’

After a thorough search of the country – permission granted by Dominic Cummings ( i.e. one has to act upon instinct when in fear for the welfare of our PM!), I caught my first and last sighting of Boris hiding away amongst some saplings somewhere in the county of Suffolk. It’s possible he thought he was doing the landowner a favour, by scaring off the birds! Just hope he didn’t get paid for the job; the locals won’t be happy about a public school bigwig taking advantage of a pandemic situation, by sneaking into the county and snapping up one of their, much-sought-after, zero-hour contracts.

Please make contact with Jay Cool, should you be interested in purchasing this fine and original work of art.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2020



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