All Three of Me

Time is limited.  There isn’t much left of it, he said. Why then, at forty-nine has my life as myself only just started? And will the first year of my new beginning last until the end of time? Or, in the stretching, will it thin out – in the middle – with neither of theContinue reading “All Three of Me”

Sitting on Saturday: Silly Poem

  To sit on a Saturday is a waste of today, So my hubby’s suggesting I go out and play, I think, it is great that he wants to make hay, but handed the mower, I tell him it’s ‘Nay!’   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, April 2019   Image by Pexels from Pixabay

From Where I’m Looking

Image by satynek from Pixabay   From here, the way I see it, is that the rest of the world has got itself all fluffed up over nothing. Where’s the pleasure in climbing high, at always looking out for more money for tomorrow? Why not enjoy the day? Today, you have friends. Tomorrow, in theContinue reading “From Where I’m Looking”


My mind is full of the things I mind about, and I mind. Mind you, to have less in my head of the things I mind about would be to be something less than myself, and that I really would mind. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, March 2019 Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

And God Sat Down

God got to the seventh day, but wasn’t happy – there at the end – on the fringes, so he took three and a half giant steps backwards and sat down to protect his space on a lump of sandstone rock, right there in the middle of Myddle, and he liked what he saw, so heContinue reading “And God Sat Down”


If being okay, calm and mellow, they think, is to be well. Then, to be well, I think, is to be a well being. To measure my own wellness, being a being, I pinch my skin; it feels like flesh, only mildy hairy, threaded through with purple veins and sprinkled over with freckles – easilyContinue reading “Ecstabeing”

Taking the Plunge

‘Channel’ image courtesy of Everyday I plunge my hands in deeper; deeper into souped-up aluminium bubbles, and my fingers swim into exhaustion, sinking onto a bed of potato peel, carrot ends, soggy-sticky labels, spongy chunks, and skin cells. Peels, ends, labels, chunks and cells twirl and skip into plughole descent. But, only the cellsContinue reading “Taking the Plunge”