25: Twaddle

Sun. Flowers. Sketching. Writing. Happiness. Just about sums up the last week! All was grand, until … … today! After yesterday’s prevarication, I’m surprised to find myself awake an hour before I need to be. Going back to work isn’t going to be so dreadful after all! But, there’s no point getting up before IContinue reading “25: Twaddle”

Vagabond: A Savvy Poem

  Vague? Is my plan for a future that is not yet here a tad too vague? And, being vague, am I destined to wander; to wander on from place to place and to ping on back from bone to bone, and back right in to the d e p t h s of theContinue reading “Vagabond: A Savvy Poem”

Sitting on Saturday: Silly Poem

  To sit on a Saturday is a waste of today, So my hubby’s suggesting I go out and play, I think, it is great that he wants to make hay, but handed the mower, I tell him it’s ‘Nay!’   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, April 2019   Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Thought Buds

Is a thought that comes from a line of thought written by another poet, a thought at all that can be called a thought of my own, or is it simply a thread pulled from a coat of other people’s multicoloured thoughts? Is it a frayed thread, a thread that is really a twig sproutingContinue reading “Thought Buds”