25: Twaddle

Sun. Flowers. Sketching. Writing. Happiness. Just about sums up the last week! All was grand, until … … today! After yesterday’s prevarication, I’m surprised to find myself awake an hour before I need to be. Going back to work isn’t going to be so dreadful after all! But, there’s no point getting up before IContinue reading “25: Twaddle”

Foliage in the Middle: A Silly Poem

As woman reaches middle age, her middle bits shed hairs; so why’s it fair that ageing trees, grow leaves fed by her tears?   Copyright of poem and photo owned by Jay Cool, May 2019   If you would prefer to read something sensible about trees, take a read of: Giving Up the Day Job 6:Continue reading “Foliage in the Middle: A Silly Poem”

Toodling at The Tap: Comedy Review

Adam. First man on Earth. And, first comedian on the billing at The Brewery Tap this evening. I’m surprised when Adam starts on about all the psychology books he’s read. Psychology being mostly about individual behaviour, its hardly something a one and only would need to read up on. With all the time and spaceContinue reading “Toodling at The Tap: Comedy Review”


Bundled. Bundled and bundling out of one’s passage, they fall. All woolled-up, and tangled-up with each other – tight. Heads protruding from sheaths. Translucent and streaked with blood. With one’s own blood. From the blood within the passage from whence they tumbled, all bundled-up and packaged. All packaged-up and white, I vomit, bundles and bundlesContinue reading “Passaged”

A Continental Appearance

Wearing last Friday’s incontinence pad, he ambles on into a game-playing cafe in Colchester, thinking to play with the crowds. The crowds, thinking otherwise, disperse and exit. Out in the streets of a Roman stronghold, a centurion gives his orders, and the games continue; continental soldiers, with drip-drying-dangly bits, and wiped-with-shared-sponges bottoms, being impervious.  Continue reading “A Continental Appearance”

The Last Cucumber from my Fridge

‘Cucumber’ courtesy of Pixabay.com If I sliced it into twenty slivers and sliced each sliver into a sluice of a slush I would no longer have a cucumber Just a soup that once consumed would slither through my inners and slip out into the sewers sloppy Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspired byContinue reading “The Last Cucumber from my Fridge”