Savvy Letter – Dear Prince Harry

Written in response to Harry’s pleas to look up and appreciate the trees that sustain us, as featured in The Daily Mail. Dear Harry, You are so right – right in the way that all fellow gingers are obviously right! Have been an fan of you, since it became clear from your baby pictures that, likeContinue reading “Savvy Letter – Dear Prince Harry”

Savvy Book – The Hidden Life of Trees

Just finished worming my way through the maze of hidden wonders that constitutes Peter Wohlleben’s savvy bestseller: The Hidden Life of Trees. It’s taken me some weeks to get to the middle of it and back out again to where I started, by which, I’m not implying that it was a dull ride – farContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Hidden Life of Trees”

Quantum Coupling: A Short Story

Disclaimer: The images at the foot of this post link to Amazon. Should you choose to make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to yourself. She’s angry. Angry with herself and angry with her mother. Angry with the trees that are her home – her family. Penknife in hand, RootsContinue reading “Quantum Coupling: A Short Story”

36: Love Is

What is love, if not that feeling of elation experienced is one heeds the ‘stop’ sign for a moment (or lots of moments) and notices … … notices, the contrasting colours in the land where we stand?   The flowers in our hedgerows: The leaves at our feet: The homes of our little folks: AndContinue reading “36: Love Is”

16: Getting Out of the Kitchen

Disclaimer: I will receive a commission from Amazon if you choose to purchase a garden-storage container via the image link. Okay, so this post should really be titled ‘Getting Out of The Kitchen 1’ but, it’s really a continuation of my ‘Getting Out of The Day Job’ series – it’s just that the original blogContinue reading “16: Getting Out of the Kitchen”

Foliage in the Middle: A Silly Poem

As woman reaches middle age, her middle bits shed hairs; so why’s it fair that ageing trees, grow leaves fed by her tears?   Copyright of poem and photo owned by Jay Cool, May 2019   If you would prefer to read something sensible about trees, take a read of: Giving Up the Day Job 6:Continue reading “Foliage in the Middle: A Silly Poem”

3: A Diary

Okay, so I’m still currently in employment, but by being up and blogging at 2.44 am, I am demonstrating my commitment to the cause. Yesterday, I achieved a record number of 198 views on this blog site. Yes, it is true that my target was to reach 200, but I nearly got there! So, don’t knockContinue reading “3: A Diary”

The Yellow Male: Silly & Savvy Words

Inspired by a reading of Peter Wohlleben’s book: The Hidden Life of Trees  Disclaimer: Should you choose to purchase the featured book, Jay Cool will receive a commission from Amazon at no cost to yourself.   Bright yellow. The colour of catkins. And the colour of maleness. Besides their male counterparts, the flowers of femalenessContinue reading “The Yellow Male: Silly & Savvy Words”

Day 3: Game for a Day in Shrewsbury?

Far from over. Friendly Poo image courtesy of Famous last words that have returned to haunt me. I, Jay Cool, am sitting here on the luxury loo in my ensuite at The Red Lion’s Lodge, faced with a stark (runny) reminder of yesterday’s indulgences at Ellesmere’s Asian Spice restaurant. Coriander, cumin and turmeric, smellsContinue reading “Day 3: Game for a Day in Shrewsbury?”