The Yellow Male: Silly & Savvy Words

Inspired by a reading of Peter Wohlleben’s book: The Hidden Life of Trees 

Disclaimer: Should you choose to purchase the featured book, Jay Cool will receive a commission from Amazon at no cost to yourself.


Bright yellow.

The colour of catkins.

And the colour of maleness.

Besides their male counterparts, the flowers of femaleness have to make-do with the second best – with an apparel of dull green.

It wouldn’t do at all for a mere female willow to out-do the attractiveness of the male.

Unless the bees have a love-at-first-sight attraction to the male, as far as the pollination of the female is concerned, all will be lost.

Bright yellow.

The colour of the rays of a Crayola sun.

Colours that burn and deter, or colours that draw one in to a first course?


Perhaps not!33720291_1866474186735926_9126576251530641408_n

Dull green – only good for afters?

Dull? No!

Good for afters?

Why even ask? This lady is clearly at the forefront of anyone’s wish list!

So why wait for the pudding (i.e. run, now, whilst you still can!)?


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, April 2019

Image of suited banana man from


N.B. To find out more about the mating habits of male and female willow trees, Jay Cool recommends that you read ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohlleben.

Disclaimer: Should you choose to purchase the featured book, via the image link below, Jay Cool will not receive a commission from Amazon.

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