16: Getting Out of the Kitchen

Disclaimer: I will receive a commission from Amazon if you choose to purchase a garden-storage container via the image link. Okay, so this post should really be titled ‘Getting Out of The Kitchen 1’ but, it’s really a continuation of my ‘Getting Out of The Day Job’ series – it’s just that the original blogContinue reading “16: Getting Out of the Kitchen”

Taking the Plunge

‘Channel’ image courtesy of Pixabay.com Everyday I plunge my hands in deeper; deeper into souped-up aluminium bubbles, and my fingers swim into exhaustion, sinking onto a bed of potato peel, carrot ends, soggy-sticky labels, spongy chunks, and skin cells. Peels, ends, labels, chunks and cells twirl and skip into plughole descent. But, only the cellsContinue reading “Taking the Plunge”