16: Getting Out of the Kitchen

Disclaimer: I will receive a commission from Amazon if you choose to purchase a garden-storage container via the image link. Okay, so this post should really be titled ‘Getting Out of The Kitchen 1’ but, it’s really a continuation of my ‘Getting Out of The Day Job’ series – it’s just that the original blogContinue reading “16: Getting Out of the Kitchen”

Second Happiest

  If this is the second happiest place, then where is the first?   And surely, then, if there is a first, there must be a first star, and, above that, a first double-star. To my mind, that makes Babergh the fourth happiest place.   What the papers don’t say, however, in courtesy to Babergh,Continue reading “Second Happiest”

Fresh Beards

Poor wee-lost Dylan Dodds. Shame he’s left The Tap and gone of looking for the ‘rest of his car’, because in a skinny sort of way, I found him kind of cute. Kind of cute in the same way that drinking a skinny latte at The Mill Hotel is kind of cute (when the built-like-an-ox-ginger-beardedContinue reading “Fresh Beards”