Second Happiest

  If this is the second happiest place, then where is the first?   And surely, then, if there is a first, there must be a first star, and, above that, a first double-star. To my mind, that makes Babergh the fourth happiest place.   What the papers don’t say, however, in courtesy to Babergh,Continue reading “Second Happiest”

Going Viral with H.V. Morton

A Beautiful Redhead Who is Not as Old as Jay Cool! It’s a good day for the gods who, judging by the downpour, appear to be emptying out their Portaloos all over Sudbury. This is a welcome relief for one such as I, Jay Cool, a once-was-ginger book obsessive. In a heatwave, those of usContinue reading “Going Viral with H.V. Morton”

Chilled in Chilton

Stall. Sigh. Stop. My carriage makes it back – just! With the third sprog now delivered to her safe and snug school, it’s mum time. Time to chill. A Lenovo laptop? But, before I’ve even entered my sacred password, I recall that, although child-free, I am still on mum-duty. I have a sprog requestContinue reading “Chilled in Chilton”