Silly-Savvy Art: Panic

‘Panic’ is the final of a series of three watercolour landscapes, inspired by my local walks during the UK’s Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. This scene depicts The Water Mill, in Great Cornard, and is based on a photograph I took, late April, whilst making the most of my once-a-day exercise. An army of viruses move in,Continue reading “Silly-Savvy Art: Panic”

Silly-Savvy Adventure – Christmas in Chilton

Neglect. Two solid weeks of sifting, shoving, lifting, dismantling, sorting and rumbling through the mess that is my house. No posts. Zilch views. Grumbles from acquaintances about unfulfilled promises to read their writings. I am not, after all, as it turns out, Mrs Hinch! So who the heck’s going to be interested in my cleaningContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Adventure – Christmas in Chilton”

Savvy Diary 57: Belle Vue Ball

I’m not usually a great fan of Sudbury’s annual ‘Party in the Park’. Not that I’m a party pooper – I just don’t like other people! Correction. Other people are fine, just so long as they don’t blow their cigarette smoke in my face. And what better place to get fagged out, than to plonkContinue reading “Savvy Diary 57: Belle Vue Ball”

36: Love Is

What is love, if not that feeling of elation experienced is one heeds the ‘stop’ sign for a moment (or lots of moments) and notices … … notices, the contrasting colours in the land where we stand?   The flowers in our hedgerows: The leaves at our feet: The homes of our little folks: AndContinue reading “36: Love Is”

Second Happiest

  If this is the second happiest place, then where is the first?   And surely, then, if there is a first, there must be a first star, and, above that, a first double-star. To my mind, that makes Babergh the fourth happiest place.   What the papers don’t say, however, in courtesy to Babergh,Continue reading “Second Happiest”