The Devolution of Man: As women have evolved, have men devolved?

  Pleased to be notified of a new follower, and knowing that ‘one good turn deserves another’, I, in turn, click through to the good man’s website. The first┬ápost I come across offers words of profound advice to errant women. In summary: Women should take a look at themselves in the mirror, the author instructs,Continue reading “The Devolution of Man: As women have evolved, have men devolved?”

Day 3: Game for a Day in Shrewsbury?

Far from over. Friendly Poo image courtesy of Famous last words that have returned to haunt me. I, Jay Cool, am sitting here on the luxury loo in my ensuite at The Red Lion’s Lodge, faced with a stark (runny) reminder of yesterday’s indulgences at Ellesmere’s Asian Spice restaurant. Coriander, cumin and turmeric, smellsContinue reading “Day 3: Game for a Day in Shrewsbury?”