The Devolution of Man: As women have evolved, have men devolved?

  Pleased to be notified of a new follower, and knowing that ‘one good turn deserves another’, I, in turn, click through to the good man’s website. The first┬ápost I come across offers words of profound advice to errant women. In summary: Women should take a look at themselves in the mirror, the author instructs,Continue reading “The Devolution of Man: As women have evolved, have men devolved?”

‘Too old to love’?

‘Sand Sculpture’ courtesy of Chance cheating, I tip my toes on the pool floor. Forward frogging, I propel myself onwards. Foam floating into third place, I collect my prize. Proud punching the air, I laugh. Nothing nudging. Until now. Now, forty-one years since. No prize am I for a novel-man of fifty. Bottom bulging,Continue reading “‘Too old to love’?”