Bundled. Bundled and bundling out of one’s passage, they fall. All woolled-up, and tangled-up with each other – tight. Heads protruding from sheaths. Translucent and streaked with blood. With one’s own blood. From the blood within the passage from whence they tumbled, all bundled-up and packaged. All packaged-up and white, I vomit, bundles and bundlesContinue reading “Passaged”

Lady Bluebeard

  Bluebearded Iris, courtesy of Swishing and swiping, my sword serves me well. Bluebeard, they call me – Lady of the swamps. With my parrot on my shoulder, I rise up from the peat, more black than blue – complete with tattoo! Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2018 (ex Fen dweller)    Continue reading “Lady Bluebeard”

Pakefield Pirates

The pirate flag  Beckons Calls me over Invites me to walk on in to an old railway carriage and help myself to coffee and cakes Served in beer kegs and arranged in treasure chest baskets I hurry on up the lane, to the corner plot A station sign offers up to the visitor Pakefield WelcomingContinue reading “Pakefield Pirates”