Savvy Poem – A Storming Morning

Inspired by the phrase ‘storming morning’ coined by, in the poem ‘Shattering’.   Storming into a morning that I know is not really there, I find myself nagged into wakefulness by the lure of a coffee, that I hope is not really there, by my side, waiting for me. Sure, I know, I’ll stir longContinue reading “Savvy Poem – A Storming Morning”

25: Twaddle

Sun. Flowers. Sketching. Writing. Happiness. Just about sums up the last week! All was grand, until … … today! After yesterday’s prevarication, I’m surprised to find myself awake an hour before I need to be. Going back to work isn’t going to be so dreadful after all! But, there’s no point getting up before IContinue reading “25: Twaddle”