Savvy Poem – Outsourced

‘House’, So strange that from my womb you birthed before you ran into the womb of friends – cushioned up by their company, as you return to your once-was home – fleeted and flitting. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspired by ‘Pieta’ by Rainer Maria Rilke

Silly Poem – A Lie-In

{Written after a reading of William Wordsworth’s ‘A Slumber did my spirit steal’.} A image (creative commons) A lie-in did my daughter steal; my goodwill then did vanish. She seemed to me a rum-old deal – her mess I had to manage! No conscience had she then, of course; she slept on through to lunch….


Inspired by a family get together! Cousins catching up, chatting, comparing. Shoulders not yet on a level. But getting there. Next time. Next year. Maybe. Copyright of text, and photograph, owned by Jay Cool, September 2018