There was a fine man (he was such a gent!), whose smiles at his boss were not truly meant! Bitter, he was, with good reason to vent, So, with piss in his pistol, he shot back as <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<=============he went!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019   Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke fromContinue reading “Retromingent”

Magnificence: A Savvy Poem

  I colour my life up in orange,          MAGNIFICENCE! shades of mangoes and marigolds, to make me feel like there is more of me, and that the more of me shines more and more, like the red-orange river of gold that ran away from me, chased away by the mocking moronsContinue reading “Magnificence: A Savvy Poem”

Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story

Inspired by five random words from Issue 64 of ‘mslexia’: ‘exposing’, ‘limping’, ‘simulations’,  ‘performance’ and ‘speciality’.   Simulations being her thing, her speciality, she gears herself up for the final performance. She types in a name, his name, sits back and watches. Watches him limping towards his destination, watches him exposing himself, watches as allContinue reading “Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story”