Savvy Poem – Chronoclastic

Time crushed into a Friday night, knowing that, on Saturday, one has to start thinking about structure – about the starters, mains and plenaries, the beginnings, middles and endings, that will form the basis of the plans, that, on Sunday, you will churn out, ready for the weekday lives that you are expected to giveContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Chronoclastic”

Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story

Inspired by five random words from Issue 64 of ‘mslexia’: ‘exposing’, ‘limping’, ‘simulations’,  ‘performance’ and ‘speciality’.   Simulations being her thing, her speciality, she gears herself up for the final performance. She types in a name, his name, sits back and watches. Watches him limping towards his destination, watches him exposing himself, watches as allContinue reading “Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story”