Savvy Poem – Chronoclastic

Time crushed into a Friday night, knowing that, on Saturday, one has to start thinking about structure – about the starters, mains and plenaries, the beginnings, middles and endings, that will form the basis of the plans, that, on Sunday, you will churn out, ready for the weekday lives that you are expected to giveContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Chronoclastic”

Real Life: Haiku

At forty-nine, I start my real life – the one I was born to live.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool,  July 2019   Please read and comment on other posts by Jay Cool: 1: Lack-Lustre 55: Finiarted Time to Say Goodbye The Undertaking: Book Review Outstanding

Being Bad: A Good Friday Poem

Inspired by an unholy article … Being good on a Friday entails: stifling a yawn; washing up the dishes; mowing a parent’s lawn; reading an article called ‘I used to be a lesbian’ in a holy magazine; and deciding to be tee-total bore!   Being bad on a Friday entails: yawning with mouth wide open;Continue reading “Being Bad: A Good Friday Poem”