Silly-Savvy Poem – Meaningful

A haiku taking its inspirational mumblings from Twitter trends:   Monday Meaningful, trends, mournful for moments of lost Funday Sunday!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 21 October 2019 Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay Silly Letter – Dear Boris Savvy Book – Melmoth Savvy Poem – SAD    

Silly Poem – Instant Soulmate

Stockwell & Co., tastes like bran, my instant soulmate – my coffee, my love!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2019 P.S. I am not being sponsored by Tesco to promote this product, but they are welcome to send me a sack-load of the stuff, if they so insist! It’s great for the oldContinue reading “Silly Poem – Instant Soulmate”

Circle of Change: Haiku

  She says ‘No!’ and it’s unexpected that she should think differently –   it’s not part of the business plan of change – the re- turn to the start box.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, July 2019   1: Lack-Lustre Bummer: A Silly Poem Look at Zoos: Book Review Curlicues: A Savvy PoemContinue reading “Circle of Change: Haiku”

Silly Poem – Narcissistic Haiku

I watch as others look for love on an island smug in loving me. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, July 2019   Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay   Other posts by Jay Cool. Please read and leave a comment. 1: Lack-Lustre 56: The Morning After Real Life: Haiku Volition: A Savvy Poem

Real Life: Haiku

At forty-nine, I start my real life – the one I was born to live.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool,  July 2019   Please read and comment on other posts by Jay Cool: 1: Lack-Lustre 55: Finiarted Time to Say Goodbye The Undertaking: Book Review Outstanding

Embrace: A Savvy Something

Workday’s tomorrow; I pull me up with braces – fit to embrace it.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2019   Written in response to Tony Bologna’s Embrace It blog post.   Image by luxstorm from Pixabay   If you enjoyed this haiku, which of course you did, please like, follow, leave a comment and readContinue reading “Embrace: A Savvy Something”