Savvy Diary – Bottle of Wee

If the environmental issues featured in this post touch a chord with you, please also view posts by my fellow blogger The Wandering Ambivert. So I’ve given up the day job! But, almost a month into my sabbatical, how am I faring? Have a made a single penny out of my blogging? No. Have I writtenContinue reading “Savvy Diary – Bottle of Wee”

Silly Poem – Instant Soulmate

Stockwell & Co., tastes like bran, my instant soulmate – my coffee, my love!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2019 P.S. I am not being sponsored by Tesco to promote this product, but they are welcome to send me a sack-load of the stuff, if they so insist! It’s great for the oldContinue reading “Silly Poem – Instant Soulmate”