There was a fine man (he was such a gent!), whose smiles at his boss were not truly meant! Bitter, he was, with good reason to vent, So, with piss in his pistol, he shot back as <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<=============he went!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019   Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke fromContinue reading “Retromingent”

Norma: A Savvy Poem

  I prefer not to be called Norma, in that I am not, to you, normal. My normalities, it’s true, are your abnormalities, which means that I am not, in truth, normal – to you! To me, though, to be abnormal – to you – is to be my kind of normal. And my kindContinue reading “Norma: A Savvy Poem”


He turned to face us; he had a knife; he was shouting; we had no choice – we shot him! Self-defence. He was dangerous! Dangerous? Yes, dangerous! He was waving the knife around – waving it at my colleague! So, you see, I had to help. We stick together. I, we. We had no choice.Continue reading “Engineered”