Magnificence: A Savvy Poem



I colour my life up in orange,          MAGNIFICENCE!

shades of mangoes and marigolds,

to make me feel like there is more of me,

and that the more of me shines more and more,

like the red-orange river of gold that ran away from me,

chased away by the mocking morons who laughed all the more,

as they marvelled; marvelled at the silent tones of my distress, as my

tresses, distancing themselves, escaped – swirling and coiling around mountains,

mingling and merging the orangeness of me into sheets of purple heather on mossy

slopes that, only now, rise up into



Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019


Image by congerdesign from Pixabay


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Published by The Silly-Savvy Salopian

Freelance writer and descendant of the cave dweller and outlaw, Humphrey Kynaston. Banished from Shropshire for my eccentricity, I have made my home in Suffolk. I write poetry, short stories, travel journals, comedy gig reviews and non-fiction articles. My wish is to write my way back into the heart of my birth land. All writing commissions (and free holidays in Shropshire!) considered.

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