Savvy Poem – Left-Right Invaders

When seeking out a quiet spot, in a quiet cafe, to keep company with paper and pencil, and a pot of tea for one – first, check out the neighbouring tables. Are they empty and are they large? If the answer to either/or both of these questions is ‘yes’, then go sit in a field,Continue reading “Savvy Poem – Left-Right Invaders”

Love is a Bin

‘Wetherlite in Prado’ by Jay Cool Love is a Bin [A tribute to a lonely-green bin, viewed from a Prado window.] A green bin, super-sized, groans, as old lady swishes by in electric chair; wheels loving the rain. And old man, on pavement over, wheeled and water-eeled – follows on – unknowing, taking over. GreenContinue reading “Love is a Bin”

Gainsborough’s Market

I catch a glimpse of Gainsborough’s knee. Brush and palette above it stand floating. Protruding. A man at war, with gun to kill – half-cocked – not ready. He hesitates a while – allows other men to do the job in hand. He watches, thinks, but feels unable to run. Feet frozen, tailcoat stuck. Committed.Continue reading “Gainsborough’s Market”